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NKD - Phoenix


Elisabeth receives a death sentence at the hospital in Norway. With the help of friends, she gets to a hospital in New York in an attempt to save her life. Here she meets a stray dog whom she adopts. In the chaos of cancer treatment, Covid 19 starts. A film about keeping the faith, even in the bleakest of moments.

NKD - Elisabeth Rasmussen

Elisabeth Rasmussen

Elisabeth Rasmussen is a Sámi filmmaker from the Norwegian Arctic Circle and the founder of Wonderline Productions. She holds a MA in Media and Communications with Merit from The City University of London and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Tromsø. 

Her jobs as a guest coordinator for Tromsø Int’l Film Festival (TIFF) and then Marketing manager for the Aurora cinema chain inspired her to make her first short film. Her passion for storytelling and fearless perspective, has established her as a rising talent in the film industry. Her award-winning directorial debut The Heart of Bruno Wizard (2013) was sold to Netflix and Swedish Television SVT. 

She directed the national television award Gullruten nominated documentary series Sofa (Gogglebox) (2014-2017) for Norwegian TV channel NRK. Her latest short, Phoenix, has been acquired by Norwegian streaming service Altibox as well as the Norwegian boradcasting channel, NRK.

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