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A lot changed after Jenny survived the terrorist attack on Utøya, but nature was the same as ever. When she is trapped in memories and bad feelings, it helps to get out into nature and feel that life goes on. On the skateboard, she almost flies through the landscapes, and the bad feelings are replaced with peace and a feeling of freedom.

Resurface is the first short in the series Outbound, where people with different backgrounds tell us about how they use nature to cope with everyday stress and mental challenges. In Resurface the Director, Jenny, tells her own story.

Jenny Andersen

Jenny has been working in the filmmaking industry in Northern Norway since 2016. Resurface is her debut as a director, and is a part of the series Outbound that she is developing in the Tromsø-based production company Koko Film. She is also developing a feature length documentary in Koko Film, expected to be finished in the fall of 2023. Before directing, Jenny has worked as a camera woman for other film and TV productions in Norway. She is educated as a photographer from the Norwegian school of photography, class of 2013.

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