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My Favourite Criminal

One day, Iben gets an English assignment at school that proves difficult to solve. Iben and her classmates is encouraged by their English teacher to present a personal essay in front of the class with the headline «My favorite criminal».

«My favourite criminal» is a hybrid fictional documentary film about having a father in prison. The film is a result of interviews and an essay written by a girl who has that – a father in prison. In the film, «Iben» and everyone around her are anonymized using actors.

Torgeir Kalvehagen_di My favourite Criminal headshot

Torgeir Kalvehagen

Torgeir Kalvehagen works as a director and producer at Filmplot and Sanden Media. In the early 1990s he started his career in the children department of NRK, the Norwegian public broadcast services. Kalvehagen has studied film in the Czech Republic, the US and at the University of Volda in Norway.

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