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IKD5 - Lesbians on the loose

Lesbians On The Loose

This documentary chronicles the origins of Lesbians on the Loose (LOTL), a free lesbian magazine founded in 1989 as a grassroots 8-page black & white newsletter, that became Australia’s longest-lived lesbian magazine. European premiere

IKD5 - Lesbians on the loose - Steph Jowett, Tilly Robba

Steph Jowett, Tilly Robba

Tilly Robba and Steph Jowett believe in constructing an uncompromising, but playful aesthetic with a highly authored story at its core. In 2020, they started developing their animation series Single with development support from Screen Australia, and in 2022 received additional funding. Their first short film Winona which they had written, directed and produced had its premiere at the Palms Springs International ShortFest in 2021. They have directed and produced a number of award-winning music videos for Australian artists, like Alfie Arcuri, BVT and ASTON. This is their first documentary.

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