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Leave, thus love me

Leave, thus love me

Si me querei, irse

Juana prepares a paella as she does every Sunday surrounded by her family. The news of her husband Pepe’s retirement turns one more celebration into a heavy burden. International premiere

Sofía Muñoz

Sofía Muñoz was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1998. She graduated in 2020 in Political Science at the UCM with the Final Degree Project “Representations of bodies and women in the films of Agnès Varda and Chantal Akerman. A geographic-political analysis”, and moved to Barcelona to do a Master’s Degree in Directing at ESCAC. She has worked as a Production Assistant in the film No voy a pedir a nadie que me crea, produced by Netflix Spain with ZETA Studios. Her Master’s Final Project, the short film Leave, thus love me, is her first professional project as a director. 

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