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Ruben (11) and Mia (6) live with their single mother in a Bergen suburb. Decisions around a grocery list, tight budget, and a disappointed sister results in an ill-fated shopping trip and an unexpected theft. A realistic and tender story about a siblings relationship and struggles of everyday poverty. World premiere.

NKD - Alexander Ophaug

Alexander Ophaug

Alexander Ophaug (29) is a screenwriter and director with a passion for underrepresented themes and stories. He aims for productions in Western Norway and stories based there. He has a degree in documentary filmmaking from Lillehammer University College and has developed and directed films in various genres through his company Untold Film. His films have premiered at the Bergen International Film Festival, Minimalen, Bergen Ser and the Norwegian Documentary Film Festival.

Last year, Alexander worked as a cinematographer and assistant editor for NRK Vestland on the documentary series 110 about the Bergen Fire Department. The series premiered on linear TV and VOD in December 2022.

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