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Jenny Hval - Year of Love

A sense of loss and joy intertwines in a world of disconnected rooms. The artist inhabits these rooms. She is frozen in time, space, and mid-vowel. She is aware of her immediate surroundings. She is aware that there is more beyond what she can see. A version of her exists in a compressed, compromised, and objectified state. She is sitting in a room, in a house, in a neighborhood, in the art industry.

The YEAR OF LOVE video explores the impossible dream of an artwork wanting to give its viewer agency. We wanted to explore and question what it means to be “inside,” or “connected” to a relationship, a contract, a body, a language. Intimate views of individual rooms finally expand to reveal “everything,” a solar system of socially distanced others that move in sync.

Jenny Berger Myhre, Annie Bielski, Jenny Hval

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