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Granny’s Sexual Life

Granny’s Sexual Life

Babičino seksualno življenje

Four old women reflect on memories of their youths and how different the relationships between men and women were back then. A look into a grandmother’s youth and her intimate life, illustrate the status Slovenian women had in the first half of the 20th century.

Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard

Urška Djukić (1986) studied at The Academy of Arts in Nova Gorica. Her short film Bon Appétit, La Vie! won the award for Best Short at the National Festival of Slovenian Film 2016. She co-directed the short film, The Right One, which was presented at Cannes in 2019. By combining live-action, animation and various forms of experimental techniques, Urška Djukić creates hybrid visual narratives and is especially focused on exploring topics of contemporary womanhood.

Émilie Pigeard (1990) studied at the Arts Décoratifs school in Paris, specializing in Animation. She also does painting and illustration. She earned a distinction for her short graduation film Encore un gros lapin?, which was noticed and produced by Les Films Sauvages. In 2014, Émilie studied at the German Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF). Since then Émilie has been making films as a freelancer in Paris.

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