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2. IKD3 Eschaton AD

Eschaton AD

An apocalyptic film is suddenly interrupted by a strange ad.

IKD3 - 2. Eschaton AD - Andrea Gatopoulos

Andrea Gatopoulos

Andrea Gatopoulos is a film director and producer born in 1994 in Pescara. He studied cinema under Werner Herzog and Radu Jude. In 2016 he graduated in Literature, Music and Entertainment and he is the artistic director of Il Varco РShort Film Festival. In 2021 He directed Polepole, presented at the Oscar Qualifying Energa Camerimage festival and Visioni Italiane, and in 2022 he directed Happy New Year, Jim, presented at Quinzaine des Réaliseateurs in Cannes Film Festival. His productions have been presented in more than 120 festivals

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