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Anna is a gifted, but insecure 17-year-old girl, desperate to belong. Her jockey boyfriend pressures her into entrapping Albanian classmate Jo, so that he can bully them later on. Anna accepts the mission only to find herself perplexed by her own feelings for Jo.

Phaedra Vókali

Phaedra Vokali studied Piano, Economics and Architecture Theory in Athens and Film in University College London on IKY state scholarship. She has worked in film distribution, criticism and festivals (Athens International Film Festival). In 2012 she took on Marni Films as a managing director, building the slate up until 2019, completing numerous films and videos as a producer. She is an EAVE Producers Workshop alumnus as well as Torino Film Lab alumnus (Script&Pitch, Framework). Her films (Suntan, Afterlov and more) have been awarded and screened in international film festivals like Rotterdam, SXSW, Locarno, Edinburgh, New York, LUX prizes and in many other places around the globe. She is an Artworks fellow and currently completing her first short film as a writer/director, titled Enomena. Since February 2021, Phaedra is the general director of the Hellenic Film Academy.

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