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Embla Maria - False Awakening

An experimental glitch-inspired music video by Mexican/Norwegian indietronica artist Embla Maria exploring the abyssal sides of our subconscious and – as a reflection of the artist’s own experiences – the spiritual aspect of anxiety. 

Embla Maria O'Cadiz Gustad

Embla Maria O’Cadiz Gustad (Oslo, Norway, 1994) is a multi-artist working as a music producer, musician, singer, videographer and director. A large part of her visual work is related to her music project, Embla Maria, where she creates visuals for live performance as well as short form videos to enhance the musical experience. False Awakening is the first music video she created as a director, and it was made for her debut song with the same title. She contributed as a videographer for The Norwegian Short Film Festival nominated Flammer by Adam Kjær.

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