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Through the use of artificial intelligence with analogue 16mm hand processing, Commerce explores the minds of leaders that exploit human labor, aroused by the technology poised to replace it. Who cares about the workers; a CEO should never have to choose between getting laid, or getting laid off. World premiere.

IKD4 COMMERCE Daniel McIntyre

Daniel McIntyre

Daniel McIntyre is an artist working primarily on celluloid, exploring concepts of memory, identity, queerness, disability, and history. Working with hand-processing, found footage, and camera techniques, his work centers on the tension between visual structure and subject matter. McIntyre holds an MFA from York University. He is currently experimenting with color, artificial intelligence, and the ways we construct reality. Selected works: Broth of Vigour (2020) Exhumation (2018) Famous Diamonds (2016) Bikini (2015) Lion series (2011-2014).

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