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Instead of bringing water from the village well, Eya and Sofia, ten and twelve, seize the chance to discover the nearby forest where they’re not allowed to go. They decide to do whatever they want, just like boys! In the forest, they make beautiful encounters. But freedom always comes with a cost…

Chitaa dir_ headshot

Amel Guellaty

Amel Guellaty is a Tunisian director and photographer. After studying law at the Sorbonne, in 2017, she directed her first short fiction Black Mamba, produced by Atlas Vision. The film was selected for more than 60 international film festivals and has won 15 prizes. Black Mamba is also broadcasted by Canal+ and Italian RT Channel. Amel has recently finished her second short fiction, Chitana, and is now in development of her first feature film Tunis-Djerba.

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