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NKD4 Camping_in_Paradise

Camping in Paradise

A philosopher and his girlfriend must involuntarily spend the night at a nudist camp, which is far beyond their comfort zone. At the camp they meet a friendly couple, and during the course of the night, underlying conflicts arise and create tension in their relationship. World premiere.


Eirik Tveiten

Eirik Tveiten was an actor before making his playwright debut with The Cactus in 1997. In 2010 he wrote and directed the acclaimed short Friendly People, and he has since written and directed 14 short films. He works in different genres ranging from high realism to stylized comedy. His previous film, Night Ride, won Best Short Film at Tribeca Film Festival 2022, has played festivals worldwide and now has a total of 10 wins, including an Oscar nomination. Eirik is currently in development with a feature film project.

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