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Be yourself, enough!

12-year-old Solveig falls for a fun and energetic guy at summer camp. She agrees to help him with a prank video, but gets entangled in a lie against her will. In her struggle to set things straight, she experiences the power of online social pressure. 

NKD8 VÆR DEG SELV, NOK! Ola Martin Fjeld

Ola Martin Fjeld

Ola Martin Fjeld is a Norwegian director working from Norway and Mexico. He helms the production company Antfarm and is a cinematic storyteller who engages in emotional stories with a mix of suspense, mystery, and humor. His commercials, short films and music videos have been screened at many international film festivals. and he has won awards at the UK Music Video Awards, Render Festival, and Cannes Short Film Festival.

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