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SP Palestina 4. A DROWNING MAN

A Drowning Man

Rajol Raghraq

Alone and far from home, a Palestinian boy makes his way through a strange city looking for the means to get through his day. Surrounded by predators he is forced to make compromises merely to survive, adding another day to his life of exile.

SP 4. A DROWNING MAN - Mahdi Fleifel

Mahdi Fleifel (مهدي فليفل)

Mahdi Fleifel is a Danish-Palestinian filmmaker and visual artist. He was born in Dubai in 1979, grew up in a refugee camp in Lebanon and moved to Denmark in 1988.
Fuelled by his own experience, his films frequently deal with refugees and Palestinians under occupation. His debut feature, A World Not Ours (2012), received over 30 festival awards, and in 2016 he received the Berlinale Silver Bear Jury Prize for his short film, A Man Returned. In 2010 he founded the London based production company Nakba FilmWorks.

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