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Finally we can share the complete festival program for the 47th Norwegian Short Film Festival with you! You can read all about what’s happening outside of the competition programs, and find out where and when everything is taking place so you can plan your own festival schedule. Below are a few of this year’s festival highlights.


These are some of the English-language industry events taking place this year:

  • Pitching arenas:


These are some of the film screenings and other events that take place outside of our standard program sections:


These events are meant to give you some breathing space in between the busy festival schedule, and a chance to connect with fellow festivalgoers. With the beautiful town of Grimstad as a backdrop, these are sure to give you a memorable start to the summer!

  • Meet & Greets / Garden Parties:


Click here to read more about this year’s competition program, consisting of Norwegian and international short films & short documentaries, and Norwegian music videos. The films in these programs are competing for 10 festival awards in total, and the 3 winners of the Golden Chair for Best Norwegian Short Film, Best Short Documentary, and Best International Short Film will qualify for Oscar® consideration.


Our entire competition program is available on our digital film festival platform! This will be available from the first day of the festival (June 12) and through the whole following week, ending on Sunday June 23! If you are in Norway but unable to attend the festival in Grimstad, or your film is screened at the festival and you want to share «your» program with friends and family elsewhere in Norway – this is the solution!



We look forward to seeing everyone in Grimstad in June!

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