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The Barn

The Barn

El Establo

In a stable in the middle of drought-scorched fields, a peasant ties and gags two politicians from opposite parties. He wants to know what they’ve done with the environmental funds, but on one condition: only one politician can speak at a time. European premiere

Elisa Puerto Aubel

Elisa Puerto Aubel is a screenwriter, script doctor and director. She wrote the award winning film Jairo’s Revenge and She wrote and directed The Anteroom, a sci-fi and horror short film. She writes genre films for production companies in Europe and Latin America. She has been the script doctor of more than 70 feature film screenplays. She teaches Screenplay and horror film in Universities and Cinema schools in Spain (UCM, ECAM, LENS, I.E.) and countries such as Cuba (EICTV), Colombia (Universidad Jorge Tadeo) or Chile (Proyecto Norte del Sur).

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