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Techno, Mama

Techno, Mama

Nikita loves to listen to techno music and dreams to go to Berlin and visit the famous club Berghain. His mother Irena doesn’t know about his son’s dreams and soon enough their mutual expectations will clash.

Saulius Baradinskas

Saulius Baradinskas (born 1990) is a film & music video director from Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2013 Saulius graduated in Architecture from Vilnius Arts Academy. In 2019, Saulius premiered his debut short film Golden Minutes. The short film won various awards and traveled to more than 40 film festivals around the world. In 2020 Saulius was selected as one of the Berlinale Talents in the 70th Berlinale Film Festival. His second short film Techno, Mama premiered at the 78th Venice film festival.

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