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Boys' Things

Boys' Things

Cosas de chicos

Marta (12) is the only girl in her group of friends. When Loren (16) arrives in town, the boys’ gaze towards her change. As gender roles start coming into play, will Marta accept the rules of her new world? European premiere.

Raquel Colera

Raquel Colera has a degree in Audiovisual Communication. She has worked in the film industry as a Producer and Production Manager for almost 20 years. She has recently redirected her career towards screenwriting and directing. In 2021 she co-directed the fiction short film Medina Querida, which was awarded Best Short Film at the 16th EIMA Marathon of the Medina del Campo Film Festival. She has also written and directed Boys’ Things, which she is now developing into a feature film, her first fiction project as screenwriter and director.

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