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A law enforcement officer has to remove people that are homeless in order to make way for a 10km fun-run.

Dian Weys

Dian Weys studied BCom Law and English Honours at the University of the Free State and Honours in Film & Television Studies at the University of Cape Town. He completed a Masters in Film Studies cum laude at the University of Cape Town in 2016 and has since published research papers on cine-ethics and responsible filmmaking. Versnel, his first short film, screened at fifteen film festivals, including five Oscar® qualifying. Plaashuis, his crowdfunded second short film, was selected at festivals such as the FIAPF-accredited Message to Man IFF and Tampere Film Festival. Apart from filmmaking, he lectures part-time at both the University of the Free State and the University of Stellenbosch. Bergie is his third short film.

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