Kom du?

Sophia has never had an orgasm. Ina fakes them, while Idun plainly states that she doesn’t come. Meet three women with very different stories, but who all have something to say about the unavoidable question: “How was it for you?”

Norge | 2018 | DCP | 29 min

Jo Lyngklip Kyhlensø graduated from The Norwegian Film School as a documentary director in 2018. She previously studied film at CPH Film- and Photo School, Copenhagen Technical School and had an internship at CPH:DOX. In 2011 she was she part of the documentary project YOUTH:OCCUPIED

Jo Lyngklip Kyhlensø
Jo Lyngklip Kyhlensø

English title: How Was It For You?
Director: Jo Lyngklip Kyhlensø
Photo: Magga Vala
Edit: Mathilde Fridlund
Script: Jo Lyngklip Kyhlensø
Sound: Anna Nilsson
Cast: Sophia Aronsen, Ina Luna Gundersen, Haaken Dobloug, Idun Daae Alstad
Producer: Jo Lyngklip Kyhlensø

Contact: Karin Julsrud
The Norwegian Film School
E-mail: filmskolen(at)inn.no