Her er årets pitchere!


For fjerde år på rad arrangeres Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum under Kortfilmfestivalen. Les om årets pitchere og deres kortfilmprosjekter her.

Screen talent europe pitch

Torsdag 13. juni vil 10 filmskapere presentere sine prosjekter for en internasjonal jury og et publikum bestående av potensielle co-produsenter, co-finansiører og andre filmskapere. Juryens utvalgte prosjekt mottar et produksjonsstipend på 4.000 euro. Vinneren annonseres på Hestetorget kl. 19:30 samme dag.

1 brwa vahabpour

Brwa Vahabpour
Brwa Vahabpour is a Kurdish-Norwegian filmmaker from Trondheim. He graduated from Nordland College of Art and Film in 2014 and The Norwegian Film School in 2018. Vahabpour has directed the short films «Smile», «Pomegranate» and «The Shepherd».

Eight year old Bahar has recently lost her ability to hear as a result of an infection. Due to lack of resources and how it affects the learning of other children, she is omitted from school. This alienation is the start of a series of destructive actions that culminate in an attempt to cure herself.

2 julia í kálvalíð

Julia í Kálvalíð
Julia has a BA in Audio Visal Media from the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn. In 2019, her shortfilm “Omman” won the audience award at the Faroese film festival Geytin. Her next short film, “Faðir mín faðir”, is currently in development.

«Faðir mín faðir» is a short tragicomedy about Olivia (33), who meets her father for the first time. But her father is dead, and his body was donated to medical research. A documentary team follows Olivia as she receives his remains, his head, and spends a day with it.

3 lun yan

Lun Yan
Lun Yan is a Chinese screenwriter and producer living in Germany, whose films have been nominated in many festivals or shown on TV. He’s currently working as a screenwriter for a Canadian-Chinese co- production and he’s also producing various film projects, including his feature debut.

It’s a short film about forgiveness and love. With the ashes of their father, Liv and Anne drive to the holiday house from their childhood in the mountains. The sibling conflicts, having accumulated over the years, come to light. Yet they must stick together to overcome grief.

4 marianne lentz

Marianne Lentz
Marianne Lentz is a scriptwriter based in Copenhagen where she is part of the film collective Super16. She wrote the script for the short film «A Worthy Man» that was awarded the prize for best European Short Film at Leuven International Short Film Festival and has been long-listed for the European Film Awards 2019 and the 2020 Oscar Awards.

«Release» is a short film about a mentally unstable woman who spends a day with her daughter, eager to prove that she is a capable mother.

5 mark keane

Mark Keane
Mark is a writer based in Dublin, Ireland. He has previously written for the Irish TV drama series “RED ROCK,” currently broadcast on Virgin Media One in Ireland and BBC ONE in the UK. He likes to write comedy-drama pieces about gays!

«Cheeky» is a dark comedy about a day in the life of two gay best friends in their late-20s. They’re brazen, loud, camp – cheeky. And it’s about the moment they realise their double-act routine is no longer getting them what they want.»

6 rehanna svedin

Rehanna Svedin
Rehanna has been living in Malmö, Sweden for five years, and has just finished studying at Skurup Film School. Her final exam was a short horror film – a genre she loves – especially where people get possessed. She also have a guilty pleasure for the tv-show Friends.

“Land of Shadows” is a horror film that contains a demon, a child and some possession. All may seem a bit familiar, except this story have a different twist. What if a demon actually started to get paternal feelings for the child he wanted to possess?

7 bas geelen

Bas Geelen
Bas is a producer and assistant director with a focus on unique, character driven stories in the genres thriller, drama and horror, often in a historical setting. Our productions have been selected or awarded in New York, Amsterdam, Croatia and Cannes.

1794, the Austrian Netherlands are startled by a number of hair-raising murders. When the passengers of a stage coach discuss this situation with each other, a blood-curdling cat and mouse game develops. Is the killer on the carriage?»

8 elisabeth marjanovic cronvall (foto marta dauliute)

Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall
Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall is the director of award-winning films such as «Not Panic» and the documentaries «Second Class» and «Crisis Document», «A Survival Guide». She recently finished an MA in film from Akademin Valand, Gothenburg University.

«The Reptilian Brain» is a bold, funny and critical look at Jakob, a life coach and self-proclaimed brain expert, who makes a good living providing people with what they want: simple answers in complicated times.

9 thea hvistendahl

Thea Hvistendahl
Thea Hvistendahl is a Norwegian director. She has a characteristic visual style and has won several prizes for her short films and music videos. Her first full-length film «Adjø Montebello» premiered in theaters in Norway December 2017.

A poetic portrait of a 15 year old girl trapped between childhood and adulthood. On one hand she wants to eat cookies and play with dolls, but on the other hand she needs to find out what to do with what is growing inside her.

10 signe fejer

Signe Fejer
During the past two years Signe has found her place in filmmaking as a producer. Now she is finishing her BA in Media Science and Script Development and producing short films as well.

“Khalid” explores an undepicted environment in Danish film/TV and is about a man who seeks to do good, and make a difference, to help the weak, while at the same time he must navigate in a criminal environment and keep his temper under control.

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