Brwa Vahabpour er vinneren av årets Pitching Forum!


Julia í Kálvalíð fikk hederlig omtale.

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Brwa Vahabpour.

Brwa Vahabpour og hans prosjekt Silence er vinneren av årets Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum, som arrangeres i samarbeid med Screen Talent Europe og Mediefabrikken. Han mottar dermed et produksjonsstipend på 4.000 euro, gitt av Screen Talent Europe. Julia í Kálvalíð og prosjektet Faðir mín faðir fikk hederlig omtale.

Juryen besto av Phillip J. Bartell, Gabe Van Amburgh og Johanna Pyykkö.

Juryens begrunnelse:
This award goes to a filmmaker whose personal take on an underrepresented protagonist – the young, impaired girl Bahar, who is ostracized from her school and isolated after the loss of her hearing – seems destined to give a perspective in Kurdistan we haven’t seen before and leaves us eager to see this short film.

Congratulations to Brwa Vahabpour and his film Silence.

Hederlig omtale:
For her pitch that leans into absurdist comedy, using a familiar father/daughter reconciliation story and turing it on its “head”. We would like to give an Honorable Mention to Julia í Kálvalíđ.

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Fra venstre: Phillip J. Bartell, Julia í Kálvalíð, Johanna Pyykkö og Gabe Van Amburgh.

Filmskaperne og deres prosjektbeskrivelser:

1 brwa vahabpour

Brwa Vahabpour
Brwa Vahabpour is a Kurdish-Norwegian filmmaker from Trondheim. He graduated from Nordland College of Art and Film in 2014 and The Norwegian Film School in 2018. Vahabpour has directed the short films «Smile», «Pomegranate» and «The Shepherd».

Eight year old Bahar has recently lost her ability to hear as a result of an infection. Due to lack of resources and how it affects the learning of other children, she is omitted from school. This alienation is the start of a series of destructive actions that culminate in an attempt to cure herself.

2 julia í kálvalíð

Julia í Kálvalíð
Julia has a BA in Audio Visal Media from the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn. In 2019, her shortfilm “Omman” won the audience award at the Faroese film festival Geytin. Her next short film, “Faðir mín faðir”, is currently in development.

«Faðir mín faðir» is a short tragicomedy about Olivia (33), who meets her father for the first time. But her father is dead, and his body was donated to medical research. A documentary team follows Olivia as she receives his remains, his head, and spends a day with it.

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