The Minors

A slice of life about a grandpa and his grandsons, the future and the past.

USA | 1028 | DCP | 10 min

Robert Machoian was born in the small town of King City, California and raised in the DIY punk culture, and has been taking photographs his whole life and making films for well over a decade. Focusing on people living everyday lives whose stories often go untold, his work captures their unique vision to weave deeply personal stories that absorb their audiences.

Robert Machoian
Robert Machoian

Original title: The Minors
Director: Robert Machoian
Photo: Oscar Jimenez
Edit: Robert Machoian
Script: Robert Machoian
Sound: Harper Graham
Cast: Bruce Graham, Arri Graham, Ezra Graham, Jonah Graham, Rex Graham
Producer: Kristin Anderson, Robert Machoian

Contact: Robert Machoian
E-mail: robert(at)