Oslofusion wide yellow

Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival was founded in 1990, and continues to be Norway’s only film festival focusing on diversity in identity, gender and sexuality.
Film is supposed to entertain, absolutely, but also provoke, inspire, and contribute to increased insight and understanding. This is something we strive towards throughout the year in order to put together a well-rounded and rich program as possible – a selection for everyone, including everyone. Representation is out there, we just need to provide a platform for it to be shown, something we do without compromising when it comes to production quality or storytelling.

Here we present a selection of films from our upcoming 29th edition – a selection of films that are very different in stories and styles, yet still have a lot in common. You’ll see.

Our next edition: September 20th – 27th, 2019

Of maneater


Turning the “male gaze” towards men.

Oslofusion stealth


A stealth transgender woman has a run-in with the Unicorn Gang.

Of down


Two strangers trapped in an elevator.

Fuck the boxes


An utterly charming coming-of-age story about unconventional love.