Rencontres du film court 2019

Our festival:
The festival RENCONTRES DU FILM COURT is now at it’s 14 th edition. It gets larger every year because if it was only for Malagasy before, now it’s open to all African countries and Indian ocean. It is one of the biggest festival in Africa, and the only one in Madagascar. Every edition we screen not less than 300 short films from all over the world, fiction documentary and animation included. The program is very diversified, we show what is done around the world, the best of course, so we can see what is missing to us. We also invite cinema professional from many countries to come and do workshops so that filmmakers and film lovers can learn. It is the only opportunity to learn, since there is no filmschool yet in Madagascar.

Our Shorts: We are happy to present a selection of African films, animation, documentary and fiction. These films are talking about issues in African countries, faced by kids, by grown ups, people seeking who they really are, but also films that show the real African traditions, films about what it’s like to be African.

Our programming:
The Rencontres du film court is led by Laza, a filmmaker himself. And the programmer is Firoza Zahir Houssen, a young filmmaker as well. We receive thousands of shorts from all over Africa every year and we watch them carefully, giving everybody a chance to be considered, we are although very tough in selecting them because what we select will be seen as the best ones and the next generation of Malagasy filmmakers will refer to them. We like to give chances to the good emerging filmmakers. The films that are strong and engaged , the films that have souls and imagination and innovation, films that tend to change things, but especially, films that make us never the same again after we’ve watched them.

Our selection: We select dramas, love stories, provocative films, thriller, animation, documentaries, and experimental films. Any filmmaker that has a real talent is telling their stories. We, of course, will always diversify our selection.

Our next edition:
17th to 25th April 2020



A 12-year-old boy must prove and claim his masculinity.