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Roundtable talk with Pierre Hodgson

Film history is full of gorgeous exemptions from rules and guidelines, and there are no absolute truths or rules you are bound by when writing a script. Yet, there is still knowledge and a number of tools that can make the process run more smoothly. 

We are excited to invite you to an exclusive roundtable conversation with internationally renowned script consultant and screenwriter Pierre Hodgson at the Scandic Hotel Grimstad.

If you have a screenplay ready, are about to write one, or if you want to take the step from shorts to a feature film – this event is for you!

We have created a setting where you as a screenwriter or writer-director in an open and honest space can ask Hodgson anything – from how to achieve a better workflow, to tips on what works and what doesn’t in the dramaturgy.  Hodgson will share his own experiences and extensive knowledge, and we encourage all participants to share their own stories and bring questions to the table. 

This program is in collaboration with The Writers’ Guild of Norway, and The Norwegian Embassy in Paris.

Note: Only 20 seats available, on a first come, first served basis. It is now fullbooked.

 Friday 10:00 Scandic

Pierre Hodgson is a British-born, French-based writer. After a brief career as an assistant director, he led a double life, working as both a maker of political documentaries for television and a co-writer of independent films, such as Philippe Grandrieux’ Sombre and Hany Abou Asad’s Paradise Now. He has participated in established script labs such as Less is More (LIM; The European Development Program for Limited Budget Feature Film) and Torino Film Lab as mentor. More recently, he has co-founded www.scriptsavages.club , an alternative approach to script development. He has worked extensively with Norwegian filmmakers since 2018.


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