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How to get started - or further - with the production of VR/AR?

VR and AR are becoming increasingly relevant formats for storytelling. The major festivals (Sundance, Tribeca, Venice) have for several years had their own programs for "Immersive storytelling" and the funds have for several years also granted funds for the production of such projects. 

What are the latest trends? How to take the step from 2D to VR/AR? Where is the market for these projects? And what does film centers and funds emphasize when they finance VR/AR projects? Through two intense hours, a wide range of industry workers will answer these questions. 

We will meet Tom Millen from Crossover Labs who looks at international trends, Ragnhild Hutchinson from Tidvis, who provides insight into their productions aimed at museums, and Even Benestad - who talks about the VR series that never went into production. And not least, consultants from film centers, regional funds and NFI will provide insight into what they emphasize when supporting VR/AR projects.

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