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A town is driven mad. The city of Stuttgart fights back with heavy action against its traffic chaos, with far reaching consequences. Other cities might follow the signal.

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A test is set up to see how a dog and a humanoid robot would respond to each other. Perhaps a less intelligent life form would be not as critical about what being alive means?

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Gold is Eating People

There is an old saying in China: “People die for wealth; birds die for food.” This is a parable about greed, a satire and reflection on the evil of human nature.

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Stolen Fish

From Gambia, fish is now being powdered up by Chinese corporations and exported to Europe and China to feed animals in industrial farming. As a result, Gambians are being deprived of their primary source of protein and overfishing is depleting marine ecosystems. 

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Life on the Horn

For decades, toxic waste has been illegally deposited on the coast of Somalia. The tsunami earthquake in 2004 damaged the poisoned containers, which led to the spread of diseases. Many locals had to live with the aftermath.

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