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The last few weeks have been a strange, yet perfect time to go through this year's music videos, and we are proud to present this year's selection. Through them all we see a lot of positivity, color, humor, and nostalgia - good vibes to get lost in. And as always, the fantastic Norwegian nature.

Many of the videos are set, like last year, within the aesthetic nostalgia of the 1990s. Grainy images, soft grade, and square image format. Feelings and musicality are often more important than technical perfection, which allows for creative freedom and playfulness. Many videos play on humor with some ironic distance, while others stick to a more traditional music video format.

This is a genre where many of the technical skills are allowed to shine, and we have noticed the high quality in photo, and creative and striking set designs. The risk is that sometimes these elements become such good crutches that the video is lacking in a great, basic idea which makes it truly stand out. We would have like to see more submissions from female directors (this year only 21 of 77 videos were directed by women), and we hope this will change next year.

Despite this, this year’s selection is a diverse collection of visual creativity. The directors tear us away from the conventional music video universe. They point out the form by either recreating the 1990s greatness with fish eye lenses and choreographed dance moves, or simply by putting the classic music video lip sync on a stage in front of a small audience. We have enjoyed the genre-bending additions among all the submissions, and hope the trend to push its boundaries will continue.

Wendi Pendeza Kazonza

Wendi Pendeza Kazonza is a founding partner of the Oslo-based music company GILT, taking care of copyrights in addition to providing publishing services. The company represents music producer and composer Marte Eberson, and artists such as Kristoffer Lo and Erlend Mokkelbost. In addition to working closely with the company's songwriters, Kazonza has also worked for film production company Barbosa Film and did music supervision on their TV series Nudes. Nudes.

Trond Kvig Andreassen

Trond Kvig Andreassen As a documentary filmmaker Trond Kvig Andreassen has made the films Six Degrees, Neighbors and Everything That Could Have Been, all of which have received several awards at Norwegian and international film festivals. He has made music videos for artists such as Kråkesølv and Sondre Justad, among others. His music video for Justad's Ikke som de andre, which screened in Grimstad in 2019, Ikke som de andre was nominated for Spellemannsprisen (the "Norwegian Grammys") in 2019.


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