The Norwegian Short Film Festival is hosted by the charming coastal town of Grimstad. In the menu above you will find further information about travel and accommodation.

Outside of the festival days, our main office is in Filmens Hus in Dronningensgate 16, Oslo.

About Grimstad


Grimstad has the most days of sunshine in Norway.

The name stems from the farm Grøm, which again stems from the river Groa, meaning “the rapid expanding river”.

It is a fisherman’s village from medieval times, found on 17th century Dutch sea charts. It was a place of trade from 1791, and got its town status in 1816.

Population is 23 485 (2019).

Grimstad is surrounded by five large hills, set on a spectacular archipelago.

The city center consists of wooden houses and cobblestone streets, laid before the age of motorcars.It is protected by The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

Well-known poets and authors like Henrik Ibsen, Knut Hamsun, Herrmann Wildenwey, Roald Dahl and Knut Nærum, have lived here.

Grimstad is also known as the home of the brewery Nøgne Ø, who got its name from Ibsen’s poem of Terje Vigen.

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