Øyet i det høye

Selma has to travel back to the small island where she grew up – a place she never really felt connected to. Being back Selma meets former friends and acquaintances and is unwillingly confronted with her past.

Norway | 2018 | DCP | 17 min

Lisa Enes is a Norwegian director and scriptwriter. Enes has studied film at Nordland College of Art and Film and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She has previously directed several short films, including Tables (2019), Residence (2017) and Interlude (2015).

Lisa Enes
Lisa Enes

Original title: Øyet i det høye
Director: Lisa Enes
Photo: Alvilde Horjen Naterstad
Edit: Lisa Enes
Script: Lisa Enes
Sound: Andreas Danielsen
Music: Ørjan Hafnor
Production design: Liss-Anett Steinskog
Cast: Iren Monan, Elisabeth Smith, Elisabeth Robstad, Svala Torstveit, Vilde Ribu, Anne Vistad Bentsen
Producer: Iain Forbes, Forbes Film

Contact: Lisa Enes
E-mail: lisa.enes.helland(at)