Train Robbers is a retrospective coming of age documentary about a gang from Trondheim, Norway, who robbed trains for beer and sodas in the 1990’s. After a two year investigation, the case took an unexpected turn when it turned out the perpetrators were boys between the ages of 11 and 15.

Norway | 2019 | DCP | 20 min

Martin A. Walther (b. 1986) has a degree in film science from NTNU and in documentary film directing from The Norwegian Film School. For several years he has been active in Trøndelag’s film industry as a director and editor, focusing on documentary and short films, and music videos. Train Robbers is his post-graduate debut short film.

Martin A. Walther
Martin A. Walther

Original title: Togrøvere
Director: Martin A. Walther
Photo: Nils Eilif Bremdal-Vinell, Ask Jacobsen
Edit: Fredrik S. Hana
Script: Martin A. Walther
Sound: André Bratten
Music: Andre Bratten
Cast: Erlend Hansbakken, Isak Melling Lesund, Iver Svenning Brevik, Mathias Holst Iversen, Olliver Våge, Stian Hovland Pedersen
Producer: Jon Vatne, Håvard Wettland Gossé

Contact: Jon Vatne
Spætt Film AS
E-mail: jon(at)