Derrida’s staring cat Logos, a bowing deer, domestic servants, and a headstrong mare are some of the charcters we encounter in this essay film. The distanced and slightly voyeuristic documentary footage is accompanied by a voiceover in which asymmetrical relations, trans-species empathy, embarrassment, and shame are discussed.

Norway | 2019 | DCP | 19 min

Endre Aalrust (b.1973) is a Norwegian artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. He studied at the University in Oslo, Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen and Central St Martins, London.

Endre Aalrust
Endre Aalrust

Original title: Dear Deer
Director: Endre Aalrust
Photo: Endre Aalrust
Edit: Endre Aalrust
Script: Endre Aalrust
Music: Bjørn Hatterud
Producer: Endre Aalrust

Contact: Endre Aalrust
E-mail: eaalrust(at)