Blue Boy

Seven Rumanian male-to-male sex workers in Berlin have their portraits taken as they listen and react to recordings of their own experiences. By turning the process of exploitation into a spectacle, the camera becomes a client highlighting the inevitable performativity of such power relations.

Germany, Argentina | 2019 | DCP | 18 min

Manuel Abramovich is a filmmaker and director of photography. His films have been shown at central festivals (Berlinale, Venice, Tribeca, IDFA) and have received numerous awards. He has been selected for several fellowships: EMARE, Ikusmira Berriak – San Sebastián 2018 and DAAD-Artists-in-Berlin Program 2019.

Manuel Abramovich
Manuel Abramovich

Original title: Blue Boy
Director: Manuel Abramovich
Photo: Manuel Abramovich
Edit: Cătălin Cristuțiu
Sound: Francisco Pedemonte
Producer: Manuel Abramovich

Contact: Manuel Abramovich
E-mail: cine(at)