After the sunset, a man wanders between the edges of highways and freeways gathering edible dead animals hit by a car. Liminality & Communitas is an experimental documentary short film about the utilization of roadkill animals. The film investigates the border between life and death and the edges of the man made world.

Finland | 2018 | DCP | 11 min

Laura Rantanen studies directing of documentary film in ELO Film School Finland, Aalto University. Rantanen has a previous education in Social and Cultural Anthropology. In her work, Rantanen is interested in studying social margins and power structures. Liminality & Communitas is Rantanen’s Bachelor’s film from the ELO Film School Finland.

The directors attendance is made possible by the support of the Finsk-Norske Kulturinstitutt.
Laura Rantanen
Laura Rantanen

Original title: Liminaali & Communitas
Director: Laura Rantanen
Photo: Tomi Rislakki
Edit: Vilja Harjamäki
Script: Laura Rantanen
Sound: Joonatan Turkki
Music: Tuomas Kettunen
Producer: Miko Asikainen

Contact: Laura Rantanen
E-mail: laura.s.rantanen(at)