This section includes seminars, performances, boat trips, parties, presentations, outdoor cinema, family day events and much more.

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Festival Opening & Reception!

We are ready – for the 42nd time!
This year’s festival brings you a wide spectre of the best domestic and international short films, and our opening screening will leave you hungry for more!

Kff filmskapermøte

Filmmakers in conversation (NO)

The concept is simple: Two or more filmmakers meet for an in depth conversation about artistic processes and production methods in filmmaking.
In Norwegian.

Skam austin

Norwegian TV export

Norway is gaining momentum in exporting tv concepts. What is the experience of Norwegian producers when their original works are exported to international markets?
Meet Ole Marius Araldsen, former head of development at Rubicon TV; Phillip J. Bartell, editor and director of SKAM Austin; and Ivar Køhn, Head of drama at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in conversation.

Kff talentutvikling

Talent development (NO)

Talent and development programs are well established in many areas; in art, business, and sports. In the past few years, several new talent programs have been established in the Norwegian film industry. We have invited some of the biggest talent representatives to Grimstad to learn more about how they define talent, their selection processes, their goals for their talents, and how they stimulate their creativity.

This talk will be held in Norwegian.

Oh my god

Who defines quality?

A conversation about the Norwegian Film Institute’s criterias for evaluation of quality. The panel will be held in Norwegian.

The hunger

Film & Psychoanalysis: The Hunger (NO)

Screening of Kenneth Karlstad’s short The Hunger, followed by psychologist Cecilie Hillestad Hoff’s lecture On Seeking the Destructive: A Psychoanalytical Perspective.

This lecture will be held in Norwegian.

Get out poster

Outdoor cinema: GET OUT

Revisiting the 2017 Oscar-winning box office horror hit. Do you dare?
Introduction by Robyn Citizen.

Kff meet festivals

Meet the festivals

Meet programmers from some of the biggest festivals in this informal event.

Produsentene presenterer seg

Meet the producers

A selection of Norwegian producers present their companies and visions. Learn about their work and how they look for new talents.

Båttur 2019

Boat ride

Enjoy an hour on the archipelago in the schooner Solrik!

Klubbkveld kopi

Club nights

After a long day and night of screenings and events, we raise our glasses and do a twirl!