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We recommend an age limit of 15 years for this program. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Alexander sokurov

Alexander Sokurov - Early works

Aleksander Sokurov’s early works were presented at the 65th Oberhausen Short Film Festival in May this year. The curator of this programme, Christiane Büchner, will present four films from Oberhausen and talk about Sokurov’s early work in general.


Toronto International Film Festival presents

Intimate character studies, psychological thrillers, imaginative comedies, hypnotic documentaries and surreal slices-of-life — these short films represents the range, diversity, and creative talent showcased at TIFF. Curated by Jason Anderson and Robyn Citizen.

Birds in the earth

ON SOLID GROUND: Indigenous Shorts

This collection of short films made by Indigenous filmmakers from Sápmi and Canada explore the complex and layers aspects of our territories: relational, spiritual, physical, or metaphysical.



Meet Lene Berg, a Norwegian artist who in her latest film reconstructs her Kafkaesque journey through the US justice system, as her partner is arrested, convicted, and imprisoned without cause in New York.

Sexlovevideotape 1


A selection of 18 music videos focusing on intimacy, love, lust, bodily pleasures and pain.

Kff filmskolene

The Film Schools present

The Norwegian film schools are creating the future of the Norwegian film industry, and it thrills us to see that many of the films hold a standard to make it into this year’s competition program. Here we offer a selection of the thesis films of the different schools and other recent productions: one film per school. The event will be held in Norwegian.