We are open for international submissions!

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We are happy to announce that we are open for submission for international competition for our 41th edition in 2018!

Since 2015 we have had high audience numbers for our international short film competition programs. These have been selected by big festivals such as Sundance, Toronto, Berlinale, Tokyo and Clermont-Ferrand. Not only did this give us the possibility to see what a selection would look like from each festival, but also for Norwegian filmmakers to meet programmers from these festivals.  

This is the reason we would like to continue this, but change it to a special program. The time is right for us to open up for international submission for our International Competition Program.  The main reason behind this change is that we want to create an even closer and stronger bond with the international industry, both for filmmakers and festivals. By opening up for submissions and making the selection ourselves we hope to create a competition program that will be appealing for programmers world wide and for filmmakers.

In the tradition of being a hybrid festival of shorts and documentaries, we wish to highlight the short documentary by launching a new competition program for short docs. We therefore open for submission for TWO international competition programs:

Short Doc: competition program. The film cannot be longer than 40 minutes. The program will consist of aprox. 40% Norwegian and 60% international short documentaries. 

International short film: competition program. Any genre other than documentaries. The film cannot be longer than 35 minutes. This program consists only of international films.  

Read more about the specifics and rules of submitting here.

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