The International Short Film Program 2018


Check out the wonderful films from all over the world that will compete for the Golden Chair for International Shorts in Grimstad this year!

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Our preselection comitee have seen films from all over the world, and selected international shorts that make up our five International Shorts Programs. They compete in Grimstad for the Golden Chair and a prize of 50.000,- NOK (about 5200,- EURO). During the festival we will have several of the filmmakers attending their screening and our wonderful moderator, film critic and festival worker Neil Young, will talk about their films and add depth to the screenings with his insightful questions. Young was also part of this years selection committee.

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The selected films are as follows:

A foreman – Daniel Drummond – USA
Afternoon – Kati Glaser – Hungary
Bacchus – Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta – Denmark
Birds of the Earth – Marja Helander – Finland
Black Clothes – Octav Chelaru – Romania
Chanel No. 2 – Christoph Blankenburg – Germany
Copa Loca – Christos Massalas – Greece
Death of the Sound Man – Sorayos Prapapan
Exhumation – Daniel McIntyre – Canada
Garfield – Georgi Banks-Davies – UK
Gaze – Farnoosh Samadi – Iran
Hair Wolf - Mariama Diallo – USA
I like Girls – Diane Obomsawin – Canada
Invisibly – Áron Szentpéteri – Hungary
Island – Robert Löbel and Max Mörtl – Germany
Kiem Holijanda – Sarah Veltmeyer – Netherlands
Les Indes Galantes – Clement Cogitore – France
Matria – Alvaro Gago Diaz – Spain
Negative Space – Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter – France
Nothing New Under the Sun - Damian Kocur – Poland
Nyo Vweta Nafta – Ico Costa – Mosambique/Portugal,
paris – Billy Roisz – Austria
Retouch – Kaveh Mazaheri – Iran
Room – Michal Socha – Polen
Super Taboo – Su Hui-Yu – Taiwan
The Burden – Niki Lindroth Von Bahr – Sweden
The Ceiling – Teppo Airaksinen – Finland
The Headlight – Ionut Gaga – Romania
What Happens to the Mountain – Christin Turner – USA
Why I wrote the Bible – Alexandre Steiger – France
Wicked Girl – Ayce Kartal – Turkey/France

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