Submissions up by 20 percent!


The increase is largely due to a high number of international submissions.


March 15th was the final deadline for submissions to the festival’s competition programmes. The deadline for international submissions was February 15th.

We have received 740 submission, an increase of nearly 20 percent compared to last year, when 618 films were submitted.

A significant factor is the high number of international submissions. A whopping 307 films were submitted to compete in the International Shorts programme, whereas 186 were submitted in 2018.

The number of short documentaries has risen as well. The Short Documentary programme, which is includes both Norwegian and international documentaries, was launched in 2018 and received 114 submissions. This year the number has risen to 143, mainly due to an increase in Norwegian submissions.

This year’s competition programmes will be announced at the beginning of April.

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