Meet the selection commitee for Norwegian Shorts!


These three have had the honorable mission of selecting the National Competition Program for 2019.

Forhåndskomite nk

Siw Angell-Olsen
Siw Angell-Olsen (b. 1965) studied documentary directing at NISS in 1997/1999. She’s worked in film and television for over 20 years and for 5 years she was the director of the short film festival KORT at KINOKINO in Sandnes. She has worked as a production manager and location manager for several short films, TV-shows and feature films. The last few years she has worked as a producer at GOfilm AS, where she among others produced the short film “Hvalagapet”, which won Terje Vigen award last year at Grimstad, and has been screened at several festivals abroad like the Berlinale and The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. (Foto: Siv Sivertsen)

Torunn Nyen
Torunn Nyen (b. 1950) has been active in the Norwegian film and TV industry for nearly 50 years. Nyen has been involved in the organization of The Norwegian Short Film Festival every year since 1980: from 1994 to 2011 she served as managing director, and as artistic director from 2011 to 2015. She still works for The Norwegian Short Film Festival as a curator, while also contributing to Norwegian festivals Movies on War in Elverum and Factory Light Festival in Slemmestad, and Short Riga in Latvia, among others.
(Photo: Odd Rudjord)

Magnus Mork
Magnus Mork (b. 1978) has a BA in Media Arts from University of London and a BA in Film Directing from Göteborg University (now Valand Academy). He has made several short films, among them «Flatmates», which was awarded the Golden Chair in Grimstad, and «Burger», which won the Special Jury Award for Direction and Ensemble Acting at Sundance. In 2017 he founded the production collective Alternativet with fellow filmmakers Mariken Halle, Guro Bruusgaard and Katja Eyde Jacobsen.

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