Industry talk: Diversity strategies at BFI


Gender and different cultural background: How can we secure an industry where more voices can be heard? Meet Jennifer Smith from the British Film Institute.

Jennifer smith portrait

The Short Film Festival wants to address the lack of diversity in European Film Festivals. Programmers are predominantly male, and movies made by men are overrepresented. We would like to encourage international festivals to consider the structures we are all part of and how this maintains the status quo, and in what ways we can change this.

How can we secure diversity among festival programmers, sources for funding, regional institutions, and behind and in front of the camera?

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To highlight this, Jennifer Smith from The British Film Institute will share her strategies and experiences. As Head of Diversity Strategies, she is responsible for the implementation of diversity and anti-discrimination. What is her method?

The talk will be moderated by Nedin Mutic, Advisor, The Norwegian Film Institute.

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