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The Golden Chair for Best Norwegian Short Film

Regi: Fanny Ovesen

The winner of the Golden Chair for Best Norwegian Short Film is awarded 50 000 NOK presented by Aust-Agder Municipality, as well as post production on a film worth 50.000 kroner given by Shortcut Oslo. The winner is qualified to be considered for an Academy Award.

Jury statement: For its incredible sense of control, daring point of view on gender roles and punk energy, The 2019 Golden Chair Award goes to SHE-PACK, directed by Fanny Ovesen

Honorable mention:
Director: Rikke Gregersen

Jury statement: We want to acknowledge DOG EAT DOG by Rikke Gregersen for its directorial vision and execution.

The Producer Award

Director: Gjertrud Maria Bergaust

The Producer Award consists of 10 000 NOK and career counseling, and is presented by Storm Films. The award is given to the best producer in the Norwegian short film competition.

Jury statement: For giving birth to a fully immersive world about a vulnerable boy in a small village, the Producer’s Award goes to HUNT, directed by Gjertrud Maria Bergaust

The Terje Vigen Award

Director: Robin Jensen

The Terje Vigen Award consists of a bronze statuette made by artist Harald Oredam and 10 000 NOK and is presented by the Municipality of Grimstad to a Norwegian short film.

Jury statement: For its artistic risks and bold visual choices that made us howl with delight, the Terje Vigen Award goes to FARSE, directed by Robin Jensen

Jury: Norwegian Short Film: Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen, Robyn Citizen, Nora Ibrahim, Hilde Heier og Landon Zakheim

The Golden Chair for Best Short Documentary

The winner of the Golden Chair for Best Short Documentary is awarded 50 000 NOK sponsored by Aftenposten.
Jury: Kort dokumentar: Lene Berg, Jon Haukeland, Steffan Strandberg, Jo Vemund Svendsen and Birgitte Sigmundstad.

Jury statement: The killing of two innocent pigeons triggers this rare and loving portrait of fear. What starts as a humoristic satire in a small village, develops into a precise and unique comment on today’s Europe. The amazing characters seem to play with us as viewers, and every single shot adds something significant to the story. Altogether, it’s done with a clearness that opens a door to the biggest existential and political dilemmas of our time. It is a great tribute to both oral and cinematic storytelling. The film makes us ask; to what degree is fear necessary to preserve identity?

The price for best short documentary, and 50.000 Norwegian kroner from Aftenposten, goes to Morgane Dziurla-Petit and her film Excess will save us.

Honorable mention 1:
A dramatic but conventional opening suddenly turned and swatted the whole jury. In a liberating and innovative visual language, we learn something new and frightening about the time we live in, and are taken deep into a dark room we’ve never been to before. The jury gives a special mention to Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis and his film Swatted.

Honorable mention 2:
The unforeseen gets to shine in this film, which is playfully catalyzed by an unsolved mystery. We come close to a wide gallery of characters that takes us on an unpredictable, funny and vital journey. The jury gives a special mention to Tinja Ruusuvuori and her film Untitled (Burned rubber on asphalt, 2018)

The Golden Chair for Best Music Video

The winner of the Golden Chair for Best Music Video is awarded 25 000 NOK presented by HQartist, a collaboration tool for the live music industry.
Jury: Norwegian Music Video: Joana Sousa, Ida Hestman Madsen og Elle Marja Eira.

Jury statement: This video is breathtakingly beautiful and you want to see it over and over again. It challenges and breaks the conventions of song and music video structure. It stands out by its originality, and the director has a strong and clear distinctive “voice”. The video and the song are put in contrast with each other in an unexpected way. This music video sets an important mark by its relevant message, building several layers of meaning on one single shot.

We give the Golden Chair Award for Best Music Video to:
Directed by Johannes Greve Muskat

This poem reflects the video and we would love to read it tonight on stage.


“And when everything is over
No more sounds

And you hear it”.

Honorable mention:
Sometimes the best feeling is to be taken out of your comfort zone by getting punched in the gut. And this music video likes to provoke. It clearly demonstrates an aesthetic self-awareness and a strong inner voice, not least through an intelligent form and editing. By experimenting with various formats that blur the lines between documentary and fiction, while switching between a rough and glorifying expression, the drive and mood in the music are enhanced. It brings forth a strong sense of ambivalence: With its stylized, yet disturbing view on human’s barbaric and destructive nature, not only does this video create an unpleasantness, but it also confronts us with it. After all, the main characters portrayed do look pretty cool.

Honorable mention goes to SLUDGEBLACKSMITH, directed by Kenneth Karlstad

The Golden Chair for Best International Short Film

The winner of the Golden Chair for Best International Short Film is awarded 50 000 NOK sponsored by the Norwegian Short Film Festival.
Jury: Ana David, Mona Hoel og Farzad Samsami.

Jury statement: This film speaks in subtle but powerful way of the complex world situation we are in today and how families can be affected by it. Without imposing what´s right or wrong, the filmmaker lets the audience navigate through the moral complexity of the story. Crafted in an exceptional way, THE BROTHERHOOD by Meryam Joobeur offers a window into a much needed and deeper understanding of a specific cultural, religious and political landscape.

Honorable mention 1:
This film tells a story of a woman so on the edge of the ideal social expectations carrying an urgent need for physical intimacy that she’ll achieve no matter what the cost, with such bravery, fearlessness, innocence, and colorful freshness that it impresses us. ADALAMADRINA, directed by Carlota Oms.

Honorable mention 2:
How to translate into film language the inner conflicts and challenges of a creative team? And what to make of the Brexit mess? By using authentic humor and constructing a visual experience that unfolds in a inventive way, JUST AGREE THEN, directed by Ross Hogg and Duncan Cowles, stands out as a deeply fresh approach to storytelling.

The Norwegian Film Critics’ Award

This award is given to a Norwegian short film in competition.
Jury is appointed by the Norwegian Film Critics’ Association and consists this year of Mads Halvorsen, Einar Guldvog Staalesen and Jon Selås.

Jurt statement: The jury was very much in unison in awarding a film that follows some of the main themes we have observed in this year’s program: Young girls in a difficult pre-pubescent time. And in water. But there is a a fantasy-anarchy present: It’s about outsiders with a very special twist, a wondrous presence, a believable edging of difficult elements.

This film has a remarkably thorough dramatic will force thoughout the entire story; We BELIEVE we know what’s going to happen, but no. The young actors move with enormous freedom and strength through difficult and trying phases, and unfolds a story which is deeply engaging and partially frightening, but when it comes down to it, it is solidly uniting the girls.
The director deserves much praise for the story, her fantastic direction of the girls, as well as the technical accomplishment of the project.
The Norwegian Film Critics’ Award 2019 goes to SHE-PACK, directed by Fanny Ovesen

The Hourglass Award

The Hourglass Award comprises 15 000 NOK and is presented by the Writers Guild of Norway to the creators of the best short fiction script in the Norwegian short film competition.
Jury is appointed by The Writers Guild of Norway.

Jury statement: The award goes to an explosive, exhilarating and believable shortfilm-story. A tight and efficient script tells the story of a brutal and entertaining power struggle, tailor made for the short format. The drive and strong visual storytelling is impressive. The film is almost without dialogue and the scenes balance beautifully on the border between the grotesque and the fragile. This is a coming of age story about identity, power and exploring boundaries. It is a film about survival of the fittest, about standing your ground, about claiming power in a group of girls and about not letting anybody hold you down. The final scene is both moving and surprising. The hierarchy dissolves and the girls come together as they chant the word “pussy” in a joyful, loud choir. The Norwegian Writers Guild award “Timeglasset” for the best short film script goes to Maren Skolem for the film SHE-PACK. Thank you for the children’s birthday party from hell

The Norwegian Film Workers Association’s Technical Award

The award of 10 000 NOK is given to the individual demonstrating the best professional contribution to a Norwegian film in competition.
Jury is appointed by The Norwegian Film Workers Association and consists this year of

Gnist-prisen/The Spark Award

The winner of the The Spark Award is awarded 25 000 NOK presented by Altibox, in addition to marketing and distribution of the award-winning film on Altibox’ streaming service. 
The award is given to a Norwegian filmmaker in competition who exhibits a particular boldness and creative talent.
Jury is appointed by Altibox and the Norwegian Short Film Festival in cooperation, and consists this year of Tore Tomter, Åshild Ramborg and Svein Aronsen.

The Aust-Agder County’s Youth Award

The Aust-Agder County’s Youth Award is presented by a student jury from the Dahlske Upper Secondary School in Grimstad. The Award is given to a film in the International Short Film Programme. The award is 5 000 NOK.

This short film shocks and confounds its audience while not directly addressing any social or political issues. It tells a simple and concise story, which immediately captures our attention. We read and hear about road accidents every day, without ever thinking too much about them. The camera is placed in a way that puts in audience directly in the middle of the action, rotating 360 degrees throughout the film in a one-take shot. This gives us a complete overview of the situation, and creates a powerful effect of shock and surprise. This show careful and planning and coordination on the part of the filmmakers. We, the youth jury were unanimous in giving the prize to Nursery Ryhmes, directed by Tom Noakes.

The Audience Award

The winner of the The Audience Award is awarded 25 000 NOK presented by Altibox, in addition to marketing and distribution of the award-winning film on Altibox’ streaming service. The award went to Kaveh Tehrani for The Manchador.

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