We're looking for an assistant guest coordinator!

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Assistant guest coordinator:

We’re looking for someone who can assist our guest coordinator, and who could possibly want to continue this job in 2020.

You should be:
Positive and including attitude
have a good mind for lists and systems
keep cool in busy situations
keen to find solutions, not be stuck in problems
good with interpersonal relations

The tasks include:
Booking and handling accommodation for staff and guests in Grimstad during the festival. This includes hotel, motel and private houses.
making travel arrangements for Norwegian and international guests.
coordinate transportation of guests with local Grimstad staff
assist guest coordinator with taking care of the guests and staff during the festival.

50-75% from March 1st – June 1st (planning)
100% from June 1st – June 17th (leading up to and during the actual festival)
50-75% from June 17th – June 30th (rapports, evaluations and such)

Email your CV and application to vanja@kortfilmfestivalen.no by February 24th.

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