A golden age for the short documentary


Industry talk: Digital distribution has helped short documentaries thrive.


The short documentary film has entered a new era. A hungry audience is open to new cinematic stories, and yesterday’s conventions about format, length, screening window, language and genre do not apply anymore. The market is changing, with several digital arenas for digital distribution and new players conveying film, journalism and other live images across borders. This opens up for innovation and experimentation in terms of expression, funding and distribution. It’s a new era, or maybe we can dare to say golden age for the short documentary.

In Grimstad, we will delve into three success stories, three projects successful in reaching both a big audience and accomplishing artistic value.

Escape from Syria: Rania’s Odyssey (Anders Hammer) has a staggering 8 million views at The Guardian’s website and recently won The Webby Awards.

The Ten Meter Tower (Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielsen) have reached a large audience through the New York Times and were shortlisted for Oscar.

Kayayo – The live shopping carts (Mari Bakke Riise) were also shortlisted to Oscar this year, and is funded by and and distributed on the Norwegian website Aftenposten TV.

We invite the filmmakers to a conversation: What choices have the undertook in production, how do the new platforms affect the film’s narration, dramaturgy and expression? And what experiences have they made from the distribution and launch? What is the key to success and what are their upcoming projects?

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