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What the Soil Remembers

What the Soil Remembers

In 1960s South Africa, a whole community from Die Vlakte was brutally and violently displaced by the Apartheid regime in order to erect Stellenbosch University, keeping up the country’s segregation laws. Today, the community is still fighting for justice and reparations in a Stellenbosch where few residents and students are aware of its dark history.

José Cardoso

José Cardoso is from Cuenca, Ecuador. He has a degree in graphic design, and as a self-taught illustrator, he ventures into film by means of stop motion, a technique he learned and developed in Catalonia, Spain. He has received awards in Ecuador from the Ministry of Culture and the animation film festival ANIMEC. He works in fiction and documentary films in Mexico and South Africa, and he is a member of the Jiráfica Fábrica de Cuentos collective. What the Soil Remembers received the Ammodo Tiger Short Film Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year.

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