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Party truck driver Camila has a strange obsession with her clientele, seeing them as a reflection of her inability to integrate into society. After finding a bottle of pills one night, she takes them and goes on a trip, abandoning her physical self.

Pablo Pagán

Pablo Pagán is a film director, writer and producer from Valencia. At 16, he directed and produced his first short film, Pawns (2017), which was selected in numerous festivals all around the world, and won Best International Short at The All American High School Film Festival in New York, the largest student festival in the world. After finishing his first film, he enrolled in a film program at ESCAC and worked as a programmer for the Manises International Fantastic Film Festival. Voyager is his latest film, and has played in some of the world’s biggest genre festivals, including Screamfest Los Angeles and Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, and winning the Audience Award at the 23rd Landshut Film Festival.

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