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Lavina / The Truth

Lavina / The Truth

Lavina is a 16-year-old Norwegian/Romani girl who lives with her sick grandmother, she has a strained relationship with her father who runs a car wash. She tries as best she can to live up to the Romani life where family responsibilities and cultural values are a way of life. But when Lavina’s grandmother dies, she is forced to confront her father with the secrets of the past and for the first time, stand up for herself.

Farzad Samsami

Farzad Samsami (b. 1980 in Tehran) established GorillaFilm in 2007; he has directed and produced numerous short films. His first short film, Foad (2014) was shown at several national and international festivals. At Palm Springs, FOAD received the HP Bridging The Borders Award, Best International Short film, presented by Cinema Without Borders. Doah (2020), had its world premiere at the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2020. Doah has been shown at festivals around the world and has won several international awards. In 2020, Samsami received a historical production grant from the Norwegian Film Institute for his short film Lavina, the first Norwegian film produced in Norway with the national minority Norwegian/Roma in the leading role and with Romanès as the main language in the film.

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